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Beau and Blake just may be sorcerers.  Or simply loved too, too much, which would be easy to see.  Be it either through spells or weak-kneed love, these two handsome boys found themselves getting a few too many treats.  So, their main challenge is to lose a little weight, and the adoption these beautiful boys need is with part drill sergeant, part adoring leader.

These two best friends are well behaved, very gentle, and do well on a leash, though a squirrel crossing their paths is awfully tempting.  The boys have proven to be adaptable in their new surroundings, enjoying the other pups (the cats, eh, not so much).  Vacuums, no big deal.  Car rides, let’s go.  Need to get in a crate?  Well, not our favorite, but okay.

Their foster Mom reports that they are both so very sweet and “will melt your heart.”  Beau is especially handsome with beautiful markings and long flowing fur.  He’s fond of keeping track of the lizards and has a favorite spot on the back of the couch.  Blake is quite smart and attentive and is particularly strong.  He’s a playful fellow and appreciates a good toy or chew.

But what you might notice most of all is how both Beau and Blake simply adore being petted, so that sofa time is oh-so-special.  If you thought you might need a Cavalier on each side of you, this sweet pair will double the love!   

Age:​ Beau is 3 and Blake is 6 years old.

Weight: Beau is 29 and Blake is 32 lbs.

Circumstances: Owner surrender due to changing circumstances.

Temperaments:  You’ll be saying “Good Boy!” a lot!

Health:  Both came in with ear infections that have been treated during their vetting.  Blake has an early-stage grade 1-2 heart murmur.  But the primary health concern is to lose a few pounds.

Forever Home Requirements:  A fenced yard is desirable, as well as plenty of playtime in it.  First and foremost, a commitment to walks and exercise and discipline in feeding to help get these boys to an ideal weight.  Having someone home most of the time would be a huge bonus.  And petting, lots of petting.The adoption fee for Beau and Blake together will be $1350

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