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Speedster Clover just may win your heart as fast as she runs!  This strong and energetic young girl is out to live her best life and has wasted no time in getting to it after coming into rescue.  She’s joyful and exuberant in everything that fills her days now: loving on people, playing fetch in the yard, brisk walks, exciting car rides, the toy basket, and the great meals.  Even bedtime is a happy affair.  

Clover came in lacking a lot of prior training but is mastering it quickly, proving her to also be one smart chick.  She wants to please so very much and loves being praised.  Other dogs are greeted appropriately, though there’s not a lot of further interest.  Same for cats.  Not a velcro dog, but cuddling with her person is a favorite evening highlight.

Still exuding a bit of puppy, she loves everyone she meets and finds them all to be instant fans.  Clover sleeps well in a crate but we think might harbor a secret wish to be next to you, if that might be okay.

And Clover is one beautiful dog, superb posture, clear eyes, perfect hearing, and a luxurious soft coat.  She’s likely not purebred Cavalier, but mixed breed with some other spaniel in her, though some gene sharing may bode well for health. 

No doubt, this Clover is a lucky one!   

Age:​  Almost 3 years old

Weight:  A healthy 22 lbs.

Circumstances:  A rescue with an unfortunate background.

Temperament:  In the dictionary next to Sweet Dog.

Health:  Passed her vetting appointment with flying colors, including no heart murmur at all!  The one issue involves an upcoming dental appointment and we’ll stay tuned for more.

Forever Home Requirements:  Clover’s energy level will require a fenced yard and someone able to get some walks, and maybe even a run, on the schedule.  Otherwise this adaptable dear pup is simply waiting to hear from you!