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Ezzie wants to be noticed.  No, she will be noticed.  You might not expect this from such a pretty and petite package.  This gal does, like any empowered queen, have a voice.  She’ll offer a few welcoming barks to anyone, two-legged or four.  She’s just excited for all of it.  Having gotten your attention, she’ll allow you to fall in love with her.  Over and over again.

Then, once she’s decided you’re her person, she’ll follow you to the ends of the earth.  Or just the other side of the house.  Never in the way, just together.  And an always-wagging tail.  But should you signal that it’s lap time, Tri-color Ezzie is a Cavalier cuddler par excellence, oozing that love that you’ll come to crave.

She likes sleeping in her crate, is fond of a brushing, and walks are a special time.  Ezzie is a superior guard against geckos and wishes she could go up the tree after that squirrel. 

This girl with a personality is just waiting to make you hers!   

Age:​ 8 years old.

Weight:  16 lbs.

Circumstances: Owner surrender due to changing circumstances.

Temperament:  A sweetheart determined to live her best life!  

Health: Ezzie comes in with a few things to be taken care of, and CRF is well underway with them.  An ear infection and some antibiotics for a skin issue are resolved and she’ll undergo spaying and a dental cleaning.  The really good news is there’s no heart murmur!

Forever Home Requirements: This little lady would, like so many Cavaliers, thrive in a home with someone around most of the time.  A fenced yard would allow her happy chase instincts to stay harmless.  And there should be room for another big personality. Ezzie came into Rescue with her BFF Luna and they will be adopted together. Their adoption fee, together, will be $700

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