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Adoption Pending!

"Good Girl!” is a phrase you’ll find yourself repeating endlessly once you spend time with Lilibet.  This sweetheart is just that adorably well behaved.  Her foster Mom, a veteran of rescue that has known more than a few pups, says, “Lilibet is the best-behaved girl . . . ever!”

Lilibet has proven adaptable, immediately fitting right in.  A dream on a leash, no tugging and ignores the squirrels because she just wants to stroll with you.  She’s happy to meet new friends, be they two-legged or four.  And that tail, well it never stops wagging.

She’s a fan of her belly rubs when you’re ready, and loves to just be near you, but never in an imposing way.  She also has a busy social life with her stuffed toy friends and will line them up and ever-so-gently nibble them, she loves them so.  If you want to join in this playtime, all the better.

At bedtime, she loves to use her steps to come up on the big bed for a little good night loving and then will return to bed down on the floor.  And what a cutie, with pretty freckled legs!

We can’t think of a better companion than a happy girl like Lilibet!

Age:​  9 years old

Weight:  34 lbs.

Circumstances:  Her previous owner has been in declining health.

Temperament:  Easy going, sweet, and never a problem!

Health:  Her vetting confirmed what was obvious, she needs to lose a few pounds and is happily on a weight loss plan.  The super news was no heart murmur at all! There’s a dental appointment upcoming and will likely have a little work done.

Forever Home Requirements:  Lilibet would thrive in a quiet home with someone who loves long, slow walks and would join in with her playtime with her “friends.”  A fenced yard does not seem necessary. Lilibet is being fostered in the St. Pete area and her adoption fee will be $400