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Meet beautiful Luna.  Picture this sweet girl with a wildflower tiara, as she simply adores nature.  Life is so good out in the yard, especially if there’s a butterfly to frolic after.  Walks are utterly wonderful too. Luna came into Rescue with her BFF Ezzie and they will be adopted together.

But life inside is pretty great as well, particularly if you’re around to get and give some loving.  And Luna isn’t shy about letting you know it might be time with a little whimpering cry.  Then the love just flows.

Tri-color Luna is a Cavalier/Cocker Spaniel mix (something that may offer genetic benefits for health).  She happily sleeps in her crate and likes to be brushed.  She knows how to use a doggie door and car rides are such a blast.  In her foster home, she has taken special favor with the man of the house and will be with him when possible.

This sweetheart begs for a companion with whom she can express her inner flower child!   

Age:​ 7 years old.

Weight: 19.6 lbs., which is perfect for her.

Circumstances: Owner surrender due to changing circumstances.

Temperaments: One happy girl!

Health: Luna joined us with an ear infection and a skin issue that needed some antibiotics and she’s good to go there.  Soon she’ll go through spaying and a dental cleaning.  We are quite happy to report that there’s no heart murmur!

Forever Home Requirements: Luna would love to take you on walks please.  She’d also love for you to be around as often as possible.  A fenced yard would be a great bonus, preferably with some wildflowers.

Luna and Ezzie will be adopted together and their adoption fee, together, will be $700

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