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Nate & Noelle


Cavaliers love people, often becoming incredibly attached to their owner.  But Cavaliers love other Cavaliers too, and in some cases they connect in very special ways to one of their kin.  We call these “bonded pairs,” and Noelle and Nate are just such a case, and we must see them adopted and kept together. 

So, double your pleasure and double your fun with this endearing pair!

Tri-color Noelle is a loving and sweet girl that is oh-so-devoted to her person.  She’s fond of everyone yet can be a bit timid at times, but then she flashes that bright smile and you melt.  Nate is equally a looker with his Blenheim coat, and he’s very sociable and eager to please.  He is quite dedicated to Noelle in an endearing way. 

These besties are so well behaved; no barking, scratching, or wandering off.  Both walk beautifully on a leash and travel in the car wonderfully.  In fact, they love being out and about, so an active lifestyle is very much their style.  Having children would be the icing on this duo’s cake. They share a crate at night and time alone at home is okay, though they’d love to be with you instead.  They also get along nicely with the other Cavies in their foster home.

If you thought you might need a Cavalier on each side of you, this sweet pair will double the love!   

Age:​ Noelle is 4 years old, Nate is 8 years old.

Weight: Noelle is 33 lbs. and Nate is 28 .

Circumstances: Owners have passed away.

Temperaments: Two happy and healthy Cavaliers!

Health: Both pups have been to the vet and Noelle should lose a few pounds, but otherwise has a clean bill of health.  Nate has a low-grade heart murmur that doesn't require medication at this time.  He is awaiting a dental cleaning soon.

Forever Home Requirements: This playful pair would really shine in an active family.  We say it all the time, but minimal alone stints are best.  Noelle and Nate stay close, so a fenced yard may not be necessary.  And of course, their being together... . with you!

Together their adoption fee will be $1100 .

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